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Открытый научный магистерский семинар Journal Club - лекция Arto Urtti

Вторник 27 Ноябрь 2018 11:15
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В Институте химии СПбГУ состоится лекция Prof. Arto Urtti (University of Helsinki, Finland): Chemistry in Ocular Drug Delivery.

Ocular diseases are widely treated with synthetic small molecules and protein drugs. There are many relevant tissue targets for ocular drug treatment, but various physical and physiological factors are limiting drug penetration to the target areas. In general, anterior part of the eye is treated with topical ocular eye drops, while the posterior part of the eye (e.g. retina) is treated with intravitreal injections. Chemical drug design can be used to optimize drug permeation and retention in the eye. Furthermore, polymers, peptides and lipids can be modified chemically to optimize drug delivery systems for prolonged drug release, ocular retention and targeting into the ocular drug target tissues.

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The presentation includes:

  1. the basics of ocular anatomy, physiology and pharmacokinetics;
  2. pharmacokinetic aspects of ocular drug design, and
  3. principles of ocular drug delivery system design for ocular use.
Место : аудитория 01 (Университетский пр., д. 26)
Контакты : e.grachova@spbu.ru